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terry complain on phone 02 8010 6425
Wednesday, April 21 2021 02:29 AM
rings, doesn't talk and hangs up
Anom complain on phone 02 8005 1452
Tuesday, April 20 2021 03:14 AM
Possible, scam, received text from 0478737157 saying payment of AU$2299.00 for Canon EOS R^-HD Camera successful. AMA_ZON#0914435TCG%. Help-line 028005 1452 if any dispute.

I called as I have not purchased the above and an Indian woman answered and wanted my email and bank details. When I wouldnt give my bank details she hung up.
claudia complain on phone 07 3375 5867
Tuesday, April 20 2021 02:07 AM
Telling me she is calling from Telstra and that I am getting errors but she does not know if errors are with my landline, internet or mobile. When I asked if it was a scam, she hung up.
Jonathon complain on phone 02 8005 1452
Tuesday, April 20 2021 12:46 AM
I got a SMS saying I had purchased a Dell Intel i9 Laptop for $2099 and to call this number to dispute. Definitely a scam.
FriendlyNass complain on phone 02 8005 1452
Monday, April 19 2021 06:43 AM
Don't call back, don't answer. It's a scam. Now they are saying I've won an iMac via Amazon. Don't trust any SMS, email or call stating you've won something or you owe money to the government. Australian government will not call you or email you. Usually you will get a letter in the mail or in the MyGov login letters section.
BRAD complain on phone 04 3496 8306
Monday, April 19 2021 01:47 AM
Amazon Purchase Scam
P Doyle complain on phone 02 8005 1452
Monday, April 19 2021 01:34 AM
Possible scam. Received a text from 0402132303 saying my $2,199 payment on 2021-04-19 for a Mac-Book Pro (13-inch) successful; and giving the 02 8005 1452 as a Help-line, 'If any dispute'.
Anon complain on phone 02 8005 1452
Monday, April 19 2021 01:33 AM
Suspected scam. Received random text message saying Payment $2299.00 successful for Canon camera on Amazon. Call +61280051452 for any dispute.

Didn't try calling, but pretty obviously a scam.
n/a complain on phone 02 6624 9934
Monday, April 19 2021 01:01 AM
Robo call from fake ATO scammer.
Evan complain on phone 04 8884 9234
Saturday, April 17 2021 02:58 AM
Calling incessantly for years now to sell solar panel. No answer if you call back. Have grave doubts this is a legitimate business.
Markenhill Vargas complain on phone 02 7340 6238
Tuesday, April 13 2021 06:56 PM
May i know the owner of this number?
jason green complain on phone 04 4883 3053
Monday, April 12 2021 08:48 PM
creepy weirdo who messages our massage staff about his foot fetish
James Ong complain on phone 1800 943 509
Monday, April 12 2021 02:11 AM
Got an SMS about a fake transaction from Amazon. Call led to a fake number to a person claiming to represent Amazon
Princess complain on phone 08 6186 9727
Sunday, April 11 2021 04:25 PM
Called me saying he was from cv market. Software company that programmed bitcoin investments.
Be aware, this company is a scam
Diane Sinclair complain on phone 04 1612 1537
Tuesday, March 30 2021 12:43 AM
nuisance call no one responds when answered I have had many calls in the last week from 02 number
02 88160801
02 87080363
please advise
Leford H complain on phone 03 9052 0545
Monday, March 29 2021 09:52 PM
robot scam call about tfn
Joy Walton complain on phone 04 1104 7695
Wednesday, March 24 2021 10:42 PM
Scam attempt - claiming to be from Amazon
Giulia Milizia complain on phone 04 9091 3459
Wednesday, March 24 2021 09:47 PM
I just received this message.

Confirmation: Your Amazon order Canon EOS R6 Camera for 2499 AUD successful,
Order id 0410-452109732A on 2021-03-25. If NOT you, Please Call (+61) 1800-749-173

This is of course scam.
Frank Dominici complain on phone 03 9392 0844
Monday, March 22 2021 10:41 PM
Tax scam / police notified scam unless you ring option 1
Alexx complain on phone 03 9204 3227
Sunday, March 21 2021 10:47 PM
Phoned the number back but was told the number has been disconnected.

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