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Rob Sander complain on phone 03 8370 3053
Thursday, August 20 2015 02:40 AM
This number keeps calling my mobile at roughly the same time every day. When I answer all I get is a ding and the "good bye"
JACK complain on phone 04 1901 5678
Wednesday, August 19 2015 03:13 AM
this number text me to provide my DOB to retrieve the pin for HSBC bank card, i am not sure if the message is really from the bank or not??????????
Phillip Dodd complain on phone 02 6172 0217
Tuesday, August 18 2015 05:20 AM
Person ringing as a tax evasion investigator from commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution using this as a return number. Supposed to be linked with ATO.
dawn Barrie complain on phone 08 1345 0818
Tuesday, August 18 2015 04:35 AM
There are 88 calls on this number from my phone I don't know who it is and I havn't rang them.
John complain on phone 1800 073 137
Thursday, August 13 2015 12:31 AM
Was left a message from this number saying we want to confirm your business name is "xxx", then I call back and find they are collecting money for the Lions Club. It is in fact an entertainment company located in Brisbane.
Harriet complain on phone 02 8002 2396
Wednesday, August 12 2015 12:00 AM
We get repeated calls multiple times a day from this number from a company calling themselves "tech republic". They keep calling, even after we've asked to be taken off their list.
kyle complain on phone 03 9038 5714
Tuesday, August 11 2015 10:39 PM
Calling me twice a day every day. scum of the earth 03 9038 5714
Erica complain on phone 02 8069 5127
Tuesday, August 11 2015 03:37 AM
Keeps calling, not leaving messages and when I answer they hang up.
Unknown complain on phone 03 9872 7223
Monday, August 10 2015 12:03 AM
Call sick grandma with cancer and harrasses her all the time... Disgusting will be making a complaint
san complain on phone 03 9038 5714
Sunday, August 09 2015 10:16 PM
daily nuisance, calling twice a day every day.
Jenny Whan complain on phone 03 9914 9582
Saturday, August 08 2015 03:12 AM
Most annoying telemarketers for energy saving devices.All have Indian accents. I've asked several times to have them remove my number from their database. Doesn't work.
Terry complain on phone 02 8488 8111
Friday, July 31 2015 02:26 AM
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K.O.O complain on phone 02 8037 7899
Wednesday, July 29 2015 07:29 PM
These guys call me everyday asking me to verify my DOB and Address. When I ask them what this is about they tell me its for account purposes..and that they are calling from ACM group about a 5 year old phone bill that is allegedly mine. I don't owe anyone any money. Idiots
ehsan complain on phone 04 2887 7600
Monday, July 27 2015 08:01 AM
this number calling me non stop i dont know who is this
david complain on phone 03 9610 4542
Monday, July 27 2015 04:03 AM
ths is lion finance scamming money pricks
Dan Johnson complain on phone 07 3106 6071
Sunday, July 26 2015 10:03 PM
bogus call again from this number. Its happened quite a few time in the last year. when I answer, they hang up.
Valentine complain on phone 03 8370 7390
Wednesday, July 22 2015 09:29 PM
Nuisance call and they have refused to unsubscribe my number and email address
RoseMarie Moretto Carlsson complain on phone 04 3974 7000
Wednesday, July 22 2015 09:16 AM
This number has been phoned from my mobile number in Sweden 30 times!
I have no idea who has this number or how this is possible!!I have now been debited with these 30 messages and am trying to find out where this number leads to in order to get to the bottom of this problem
Dominic Sivertsen complain on phone 02 9584 6700
Sunday, July 19 2015 10:43 PM
I have had several calls and voice messages from this number this morning. The number disconnects as I answer it and all the voice messages are silence. Seems strange. This number is not familiar to me.
Gustaph complain on phone 07 3073 8967
Friday, July 17 2015 08:57 PM
Number has called my mobile a few times now, they hang up before I can answer. I called back, some nonsense about an agency in a squeaky voice and tells me to stay on the line as my call is important to them.... sounds like a scam. I wasted .003 of a cent on voip calling them back... :)

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