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Gav complain on phone 07 5560 4900
Wednesday, September 03 2014 07:39 PM
Rude little mongrel purporting to be from the heart foundation - Dropped a line to the Hear Foundation letting them know this is how they are being represented
Andrew Martin complain on phone 07 5512 3276
Wednesday, September 03 2014 07:28 PM
They called to try and scam me by telling me I had won a $1,000 holiday voucher. BS. When I said I wasn't interested they immediately tried to keep me on the phone by upping the voucher by $200.

Blocked the number
Chris complain on phone 07 3640 9800
Wednesday, September 03 2014 07:24 PM
Missed call.
Tried to phone back, Optus message says this number has been disconeected
Elizabeth Walker complain on phone 03 9008 5083
Wednesday, September 03 2014 05:38 PM
Numerous calls from this number every 15 minutes. I want my number removed from their call list.
Chris complain on phone 07 3149 4312
Wednesday, September 03 2014 06:58 AM
Person calls, laughs in a weird creepy way, then hangs up.
Di Landers complain on phone 07 3902 7330
Wednesday, September 03 2014 06:41 AM
Return call and it is incomplete or incorrect number. APPEARS SCAM
Genevieve complain on phone 08 6365 4166
Wednesday, September 03 2014 06:23 AM
Similarly stated to the above complaint. I keep getting called during office hours by this number, no voicemail message is left and when I try to return the call I receive an engaged signal on numerous occasions.

Therefore, I am loathe to accept the call in the first place.
Ibrahim complain on phone 1300 321 027
Wednesday, September 03 2014 06:18 AM
SCAM from company called GTA
Bryan Doyle complain on phone 02 9007 0300
Wednesday, September 03 2014 05:47 AM
Constantly calls, no answer.
Ashley French complain on phone 02 9037 1463
Wednesday, September 03 2014 05:30 AM
Yet another service that continually calls. Extremely annoying. Please stop this annoying person from ringing me.
Tony the Terrible complain on phone 04 1510 7237
Wednesday, September 03 2014 05:26 AM
I received a message from this number. The message stated that Dr Chambers from Specialist Anaesthetist provided anaesthesia and the bill for the anaesthetic will be sent to your home address. Please could payment be made witin 2 weeks of receipt of bill. Thank you.
Melissa complain on phone 03 9092 6540
Wednesday, September 03 2014 05:24 AM
calls all hours of the day, very annoying! How can we stop this from continually happening?
Craig creighton complain on phone 02 8020 1213
Wednesday, September 03 2014 05:00 AM
Rings constantly please bar this number
Tony the Terrible complain on phone 08 6444 5544
Wednesday, September 03 2014 04:55 AM
This number is for the Accounts Department for the Western Australia's Department of Health.
Ted complain on phone 07 5566 1312
Wednesday, September 03 2014 04:54 AM
Called my mobile number 3 time in the last 2 days - nobody talked on the other side.
Last for about 5-10sec.
Added number to reject list.
Called number back,no answer of voice mail!
a. shah complain on phone 03 9016 9750
Wednesday, September 03 2014 04:48 AM
I had a call from on landline at 7pm, saying your internet would be disconnected in 24hrs , if you wont comply and follow instruction as your PC been hacked. she directed me to open windows and literally ordering me to enter into the files, I counter attacked her how should i believe you, she was so confident and rude,she gave me the above no and confirm with Diana, as well as the case no D525417. my husband called and same lady answered. they are hacker themselves, such a pity..
bob beaver complain on phone 03 9426 7306
Wednesday, September 03 2014 04:40 AM
Keeps calling at random times, long pause after answering, no response. Seems like a telemarketer or automated calling system.
mark anthony dula complain on phone 07 3638 2112
Wednesday, September 03 2014 04:33 AM
0736382112 this number called on mobile. Pretend to be from medibank.
steve complain on phone 02 2334 4556
Wednesday, September 03 2014 03:48 AM
rings at least 4 times aday very annoying, call back number not connected
what or who is this mennace
Alan complain on phone 07 3088 5651
Wednesday, September 03 2014 03:38 AM
Same as everyone else they called me repeatedly and tried to sell me a house.
Way to make a customer..annoy me and expect what exactly?

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