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chris complain on phone 02 4972 1080
Friday, March 20 2015 04:34 AM
'sounds' like the usual telemarketing robot call: four calls in as many days, no one speaks and they never leave a message.
rachael complain on phone 1800 764 884
Friday, March 20 2015 01:36 AM
Same story... thought i was ringing telstra lol. gave remote access, told me csrss.exe was a virus (actually its an important subsystem executable that if u delete you will stuff your computer) and tried to charge me money etc...
Telstra / bigpond should be onto this... it used to be we would receive a call and get scammed, now we are actually ringing the scammers lol.
btw why do you need my email in order for me to post this... ah paranoia
Wayne complain on phone 1800 180 174
Friday, March 20 2015 01:34 AM
Cold Call Marketing, WONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER - claim to be in Alice Spring - NO ABN - actually INDIA - SAY NO AND THEY CALL AGAIN
Sick of it complain on phone 08 7129 7576
Thursday, March 19 2015 11:14 PM
Debt collectors. Try & get ya details & play nice till they confirm who u are.
Shane complain on phone 1300 558 829
Thursday, March 19 2015 05:20 AM
Received the same letter today, text on the letter stated- Please phone us on 1300 558829 between 8:30am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday regarding an urgent matter. Looked like a scam to me so started searching and found this site. Given that I don't have any outstanding unpaid defaults on my CRA I wont be taking any notice of the letter
John complain on phone 04 1885 7457
Thursday, March 19 2015 04:54 AM
calls our # repeatedly druck or on drugs We have been polite each time and he keeps doing this
Jane Male complain on phone 03 8363 4446
Thursday, March 19 2015 02:20 AM
Keep getting several calls a day from this number - have now blocked it on my phone.
But just in case, I also created a contact with the number named: "Don't respond - Dodgy Company - Careers Australia".
Val Lewis complain on phone 07 3470 6100
Thursday, March 19 2015 12:54 AM
Is this number a scam number?
khairul complain on phone 02 8030 5013
Tuesday, March 17 2015 09:31 PM
wanna know who own this numnber
Michael complain on phone 04 1969 7574
Monday, March 16 2015 11:28 PM
Received this message: URGENT message for *name*. to prevent escalation you must immediately call CommCredit on 1300 731 166 quoting ******
I ignored it.
Matina Comino complain on phone 07 5480 1369
Monday, March 16 2015 09:40 PM
Hangs up when it rang my mobile and I am on the do not call register
Leiane Gibbs complain on phone 02 9037 1240
Monday, March 16 2015 08:19 PM
Happened to me to today...annoying!!!! March 2015
Jillian complain on phone 07 5556 9840
Sunday, March 15 2015 11:47 PM
Same as above complaint. They have rung me on numerous occasions now. ARGH!!!
Christine Gooch complain on phone 02 8651 5293
Sunday, March 15 2015 09:14 PM
I believe the people who have this number are scamming small businesses.
Brett complain on phone 02 8719 3690
Sunday, March 15 2015 07:48 PM
This number calls my mobile regularly - two to three times a week . hangs up after answered. Now added to reject number list so I just get the voicemail reminder with no message left
Craig complain on phone 02 8004 2310
Sunday, March 15 2015 07:38 PM
Several phone calls, no message left and when tried to return the call the line is always busy.
Tracey complain on phone 04 1742 4080
Saturday, March 14 2015 06:25 PM
Large charge has appeared on phone bill and this number is unknown
Vyper complain on phone 03 8862 7400
Saturday, March 14 2015 07:16 AM
Yes i so enjoy being woken up on a Saturday morning at 8.30am to be hung up on........ This number getting added to my mobile phone's Reject Number List
Jennifer complain on phone 03 9020 5634
Friday, March 13 2015 08:55 PM
These people are continually send messages via phone and by mail annoying several neighbours
mmd complain on phone 1800 802 161
Friday, March 13 2015 08:49 PM
These people keep texing me. I've no clue who they are or what they want but they won't go away. They say it is an important personal matter?

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