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Nell complain on phone 02 8012 3185
Wednesday, December 14 2016 08:10 PM
Unknown and unwanted call, have been targeted by scammers from these numbers in the last year, has cost me heaps.
Maria complain on phone 08 9227 5099
Wednesday, December 14 2016 02:42 AM
This number keeps calling my mobile number and not related to my work.
Gizella Homer complain on phone 07 1345 0780
Tuesday, December 13 2016 09:06 PM
I found this number on my phone bill 14 (!) times between 22 October to 21 November. I did not call this number and have no idea who's number is this. Each call is 40 cents.
Please investigate and report your findings. Thank you. Gizella homer
Ana complain on phone 02 6169 1016
Tuesday, December 13 2016 08:03 PM
I have received calls from this number claiming he is from the ATO. The caller had an Indian accent, and said his name was David Brown. How original!! He was so rude telling me he was from the ATO and he couldn't even confirm any details with me before he hung up!! lol
cracker complain on phone 04 1410 0000
Tuesday, December 13 2016 04:01 AM
got a call from market research shortly after I answered, so maybe they were just confirming a live number?
Selle complain on phone 02 8049 0831
Monday, December 12 2016 08:05 PM
This number phoned me on my mobile and then hung up.
Douglas Macpherson complain on phone 02 6169 1016
Monday, December 12 2016 06:45 PM
Somebody called multiple times. i could not understand what they were saying. The only words i got was the had received an "affidavit" to my name. when i call back the phone there's no answer. i belive it is a scam. i can not follow it up and there was no indication to what the issue was.
Malcolm Neale Brennan complain on phone 1902 223 223
Sunday, December 11 2016 07:29 PM
On November 21 2016 i lodged a dispute in relation to the above phone number 1902223223.
please explain the details of this amount of $116.908 as i have not had a reply from anyone regarding this matter.
this amount will not be paid as i know nothing about accepting a reverse charge call from anyone.
Feli complain on phone 07 3291 9547
Friday, December 09 2016 01:42 AM
Was on hold 15 mins. Message said I could press 1 to leave a message but nothing happened when I did.
Fran Lawson complain on phone 1800 936 380
Friday, December 09 2016 01:21 AM
throughTelstra you have charged me $5.00. Telstra say that they cannot reverse this theft. I have no interest in what you seem to be flogging on your website. Please return my money.
Sharon White complain on phone 1902 223 223
Thursday, December 08 2016 09:47 PM
I received a bill today fro Telstra. I am with Optus and have been for years. I rang Telstra to query this account and was told it was for a quiz line but for privacy they couldn't give me any more information but that I would have to pay the account. The call was made at approximately 11pm so there is usually only myself up at that time of the night. I certainly didn't call any quiz line or accept any calls costing money. I don't see why I should pay for something I didn't use. Would really like an explanation.
Heather Youngh complain on phone 1900 909 999
Wednesday, December 07 2016 07:26 PM
I made 3 phone calls to this number as it was advertised on tv as free. However when my phone bill came in I was charged $164.89. I want an explanation. I can't afford this and would never have phoned if it had not been advertised as FREE
Geoff complain on phone 03 9015 4912
Wednesday, December 07 2016 03:41 AM
Phone called by 'Overseas - private number'. Caller claimed to be 'Gordon' from Telstra. Sounded Indian. Said something about unusual traffic from my computer. I was sceptical and asked for a number at Telstra to call back. He gave 03 9015 4912. Almost certainly a scammer.
Bob Moore complain on phone 02 9152 1661
Tuesday, December 06 2016 08:16 PM
Constant spam calls to mobile
Not Saying complain on phone 03 9263 7845
Thursday, December 01 2016 08:33 PM
Claims to be doing a survey for dog owners in <suburb> area.
Sarah complain on phone 04 2095 6566
Wednesday, November 30 2016 04:15 AM
Text regarding adopting a kitten- just a time waster, my gut told me something was off, so I cancelled it- but unfortunately not before I gave out my address :( quite concerning
Wayne Macfarlane complain on phone 04 2858 8583
Monday, November 28 2016 01:52 AM
Another number used to call about solar rebates.
Beverley Young complain on phone 02 9112 3778
Sunday, November 27 2016 07:12 PM
I get calls from this number and I know its a scam....could it be stopped ..please
Shirley kilty complain on phone 1902 223 223
Sunday, November 27 2016 01:04 AM
My elderly mother received a bill for $98 as unsure she enquired about this amount on her bill even though she is not with Telstra there was no number on the bill just the amount she had to pay when l rang Telstra they gave me the 1902223223 l rang the number and could hardly hear what the phone call was about after ringing a few times the charges were $3.96 per minute total amount charged $98 this is a scam !!!!!! How do l get my mothers money back ...why do these people get away with these charges ...please explain
HIF complain on phone 04 0633 0664
Friday, November 25 2016 09:00 PM
I got this missed call . who owns the number ?

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