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Mary complain on phone 02 9191 7486
Wednesday, October 22 2014 03:48 AM
Who keeps ringing me from this number. Every time I answer they hang up. It's driving me crazy.
Richard complain on phone 08 6317 5249
Wednesday, October 22 2014 02:36 AM
We have had this several times on our works number.
Our works number is a 1300 number, does anyone else have a 1300 number I wonder?

If so, may be it is the 1300 supplier getting our rate of calls up so we have to pay more.

John Smith complain on phone 07 5512 3945
Tuesday, October 21 2014 11:25 PM
They keep calling but when you call back no one is there?? #ANNOYING
Steph complain on phone 07 5515 8097
Tuesday, October 21 2014 09:07 PM
Caller said I won a holiday and a lady named Mandy signed up my number. I told them no one by that name lives here and I didn't sign up for anything, caller said they have the right number and they're putting me in a second chance draw. I told them I don't want to go into any draw and to please take my number off their systems, caller didn't say anything then they hung up.
Cathryn complain on phone 02 8015 2270
Tuesday, October 21 2014 08:11 PM
Numerous calls throughout the day, every day: Yesterday 15:37, 13:37, 11:44, 11:01, the day before 17:55 15:29, 14:23, 13:00. Always hang up as soon as I answer, call back just goes to some gumby recorded message. They need to be charged with public nuisance and invasion of privacy.
greg diprose complain on phone 04 1678 4426
Tuesday, October 21 2014 05:34 AM
continually ringing my wife on her mobile phone
Louis Timmer complain on phone 02 9037 8422
Tuesday, October 21 2014 02:27 AM
Scammers that indicate you won a free trip to the the end all costs are mentioned being far from a free trip.

This number should be banned.
boo complain on phone 03 8373 6606
Monday, October 20 2014 10:38 AM
constant calls sometimes its 5 times a day... over it
The Pope complain on phone 04 3030 7900
Monday, October 20 2014 10:11 AM
I telephoned 1234 - information and was advised the number I sought was not listed. I said it does. I hung up. The woman who took the call then sent me an abusive txt and should be sacked. She thought she was anonymous but doesn't know ME!!
Vince complain on phone 08 7100 1312
Monday, October 20 2014 05:21 AM
Had the same scum bag contact me today 20/10/14 I told him the manager was still on holidays on the moon. : ) And he will be back when he decides to come back to earth Haha.
Bronwyn Pretorius complain on phone 02 8002 4670
Monday, October 20 2014 12:59 AM
This Number keeps calling our company and they hang up. I have had 3 calls just today!
It is downright rude, and frustrating as well!!!
Nikki complain on phone 07 5600 0000
Monday, October 20 2014 12:49 AM
repeat nusinace auto dialled calls where no one speaks. dailing back gets a recorded message "This is the Austrlian Contact centre, we work on behalf of a number of finanial institutions and will ring you back as the matter was not urgent.

Austrlian copntact Centre is owned by Salescorp, according to the ASIC ABN database.
Laura complain on phone 08 7100 1723
Sunday, October 19 2014 12:23 AM
Advert for Simply Garcinia for Australian customers but telephone number does not work in Australia as 08 7100 1723. Think ad is a scam. Charges product in US$ but advert does not say so and I thought I was paying in AUD. Then I saw the international conversion fees. False advertising.
Fran complain on phone 02 8651 5095
Saturday, October 18 2014 06:37 AM
The people at this number called looking for a family member - using a mobile number as well. They refused to provide any info. I asked to know the name of the Company and what the company did and neither of the people I spoke to would provide any details.
Frances complain on phone 02 8015 2270
Saturday, October 18 2014 02:12 AM
3 calls today - all different times
5 calls yesterday - different times
Usually silent on the end
Brian L Elphick complain on phone 08 8121 5763
Saturday, October 18 2014 01:22 AM
Telstra Technician Scam.. Wanting access to my computer. Indian caller with a name Christine Wilson. There were 3 x Indian individuals involved in the scam.The phone number was used as a call back to verify who they were. Smooth operators. Stopped them before they loaded their software.
Kanokwan complain on phone 03 9850 0099
Saturday, October 18 2014 12:41 AM
Get call from this number they say from government about solar power and get that on Saturday(are you kidding) it weekend. They trying teel us get install solar power from them.They call everyday on the week.
Kim Falster complain on phone 02 8038 5086
Friday, October 17 2014 11:07 PM
A man called John called my mother-in-law, saying he was from Telstra and wanted to know details of her computer. She took down his number and said she would call back. I called the number and a man answered. He hung up on me
calvin complain on phone 08 8295 3782
Friday, October 17 2014 10:30 PM
i was repeatedly called by this number
Keith complain on phone 04 0144 7513
Friday, October 17 2014 02:07 AM
I also received the same disgusting message as a text on the 4th July. I am only now following up if others received same message. I guess many more would have received the same message and deleted it at the time. I have no idea how they got my mobile and what their point is. It doesn't make an awful lot of sense.

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