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Ashley complain on phone 02 8324 0314
Friday, September 05 2014 11:38 AM
i need to know about this number as i have been charged for making all to this number
just stop calling already complain on phone 03 9008 5083
Friday, September 05 2014 09:47 AM
this number calls and calls I just don't answer them anymore. 7 or more calls daily
Bobbie complain on phone 08 6555 8038
Friday, September 05 2014 08:59 AM
These people have hides like rhinos! They keep ringing.

Have an answering machine - preferably using the generic "Yank" message - so they don't hear your own voice. Do not give them any information.

Always allow your answering machine to take the call whilst you listen to see if it is actually someone you wish to talk to. Genuine callers will leave a message. Tell your friends to start leaving a message and if you are there you will pick up when you recognize them.

Use "call blocking" if your phone has this option.
Lee-anne complain on phone 04 0125 7334
Friday, September 05 2014 07:37 AM
Got a strange phone call from this number this afternoon. I couldn't really figure out what the person wanted.
Isobel complain on phone 1800 767 584
Friday, September 05 2014 07:30 AM
I have been charged $13.65 on my vodafone bill and intend to make a report of this behaviour to the telecommunication ombudsman. No authorization for this blatant scam.
I certainly expect an immediate refund.
Diane chester complain on phone 03 8609 9232
Friday, September 05 2014 06:29 AM
Keeps ringing telling me to leave a message then hangs up on me. Who is this person and why do they do this
Joanne complain on phone 03 9008 5083
Friday, September 05 2014 06:28 AM
Ignored the call as I was busy, and had a feeling it was telemarketing because it was 7:50pm when they called. Tried to call back. It rang for 3 and a half minutes before I hung up and looked on here to see who it was. Glad I didn't answer now.
I have an iPhone so I just put it on my blocked list
Marie complain on phone 03 9569 3900
Friday, September 05 2014 06:05 AM
continuous calling and then when you call back there is no answer, please let these people know they need a real job not a nuisance job
Donna complain on phone 02 8036 2172
Friday, September 05 2014 05:23 AM
caller keeps ringing asking for me by name, if husband answers they wont say who they are, when I answer they claim to be RSPCA fundraisers. Very persistent, rude, and keep ringing at least 4 times a week.
Mike complain on phone 03 8644 8152
Friday, September 05 2014 05:17 AM
5 calls one day, which my wife answered, then 3 calls 30mins apart tonight which I answered , first 1 to some female Indian caller , second 1 to a male Indian caller, both claiming to have our Telstra bill details and could save us money, I asked how much our last bill was and they hung up, the third call was from Dexter Wood , an English/Australian sounding man to whom I complained of the nuisance phone calls, and he immediately offered to put us on the DNC list, do not call, lets see how it goes from now
Glen O'Riley complain on phone 02 8015 2035
Friday, September 05 2014 05:15 AM
Had some indi/pakilama call the folks today claiming their net would be disconnected. The folks could not understand a word they said so arranged that I would ring them back. On 1st call back I got an automated message that was non Telstra which was suss. On 2nd callback which was a 3way with the folks the twit that answered was unprofessional and thought it was a private call. There was a loud party or something going in the background so between not being able to understand them or hear most of what was said they mistook me when I asked for their name and gave their real name rather than the advertised "Leo Watson".

Dicksons complain on phone 02 8020 1213
Friday, September 05 2014 04:33 AM
Very annoying! It has been ringing every day for the last week and a half sometimes a few times a day. Today we had 5 missed calls from this number... Please block this number.
Chris complain on phone 08 9468 0245
Friday, September 05 2014 04:23 AM
Tania called offering $3,600 grant from the Federal Govt. All I had to do was phone this number. I said I was so desperate for cash I would appear in person so she gave me the street address of the ATO in Perth - and even a name. Now the ATO takes your money - it does not give you money! Anyway, I phoned the ATO and they said they will have this number "shut down". Sounds like a plan!
Mark Montemayor complain on phone 1800 045 480
Friday, September 05 2014 03:44 AM
Hoax deal for a trip to Thailand
ross complain on phone 08 9467 6014
Friday, September 05 2014 03:34 AM
part of a scam about free 1yo m'scooter allegedly from Mrs Gracey Lawsons of Coral Bay, shipped by Every day a new excuse, demand for more money and no delivery. Fast Couriers reg in E states under several ABN's--seems middle Eastern owned franchise. Local person is Asian sounding. Don't recommend trusting them.
Sandy complain on phone 08 7070 2532
Friday, September 05 2014 03:24 AM
This guys cal me again and again and again in 1 day n same happens the next day , i hate people calling from unknown nos r nocaller id if they dnt want to revel who they are ,better dont call find something else do , i wont ans these cals at all .
Jake complain on phone 08 6260 2110
Friday, September 05 2014 02:32 AM
unsolicited keeps calling me
Trish complain on phone 02 4922 6700
Friday, September 05 2014 02:29 AM
I get calls often and they seem to hang up when I answer.

Nuisance calls to me from this number equals in excess of a dozen.
Aldie Gonzales complain on phone 08 9842 1808
Friday, September 05 2014 02:20 AM
This number keep calling every 2-3 mins, I tried to return call and discovered that it is a fax number.
Lovedeep Bakshi complain on phone 02 9037 4257
Friday, September 05 2014 01:28 AM
They had called me and asking me for pay 1000$ tax other wise police will come and take me to the jail.

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