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Christine Gooch complain on phone 02 8651 5293
Sunday, March 15 2015 09:14 PM
I believe the people who have this number are scamming small businesses.
Brett complain on phone 02 8719 3690
Sunday, March 15 2015 07:48 PM
This number calls my mobile regularly - two to three times a week . hangs up after answered. Now added to reject number list so I just get the voicemail reminder with no message left
Craig complain on phone 02 8004 2310
Sunday, March 15 2015 07:38 PM
Several phone calls, no message left and when tried to return the call the line is always busy.
Tracey complain on phone 04 1742 4080
Saturday, March 14 2015 06:25 PM
Large charge has appeared on phone bill and this number is unknown
Vyper complain on phone 03 8862 7400
Saturday, March 14 2015 07:16 AM
Yes i so enjoy being woken up on a Saturday morning at 8.30am to be hung up on........ This number getting added to my mobile phone's Reject Number List
Jennifer complain on phone 03 9020 5634
Friday, March 13 2015 08:55 PM
These people are continually send messages via phone and by mail annoying several neighbours
mmd complain on phone 1800 802 161
Friday, March 13 2015 08:49 PM
These people keep texing me. I've no clue who they are or what they want but they won't go away. They say it is an important personal matter?
LBlue complain on phone 02 8292 1305
Thursday, March 12 2015 09:08 PM
Been getting several phone calls from this number and only since I've been researching some info on insurance quotes. No messages are left and haven't replied and won't be either.
All 3 numbers:
0282921305, with 8 and 9 endings are to my mobile.
LBlue complain on phone 02 8292 1309
Thursday, March 12 2015 09:03 PM
Been getting several calls from this number to. No messages are left. haven't answered any of these and won't be. Only been happening since I was researching info on some insurance quotes.
LBlue complain on phone 02 8292 1308
Thursday, March 12 2015 08:44 PM
This number is calling several times a day and only since I was looking up some kind of insurance. No messages are left and I haven't called back, if they don't leave a message then I won't reply.
Surely it is possible to search and seek info you want without the silly nonsense of these calls its seem very unnecessary and a waste of money unless they don't care about money.
Disgruntled complain on phone 02 8011 3356
Thursday, March 12 2015 07:30 PM
Person keep on calling up asking to speak to manager. They are rude and hang up when manager is unavailable. If they call and I answer they just hang up straight away.
Michael complain on phone 07 3828 1935
Wednesday, March 11 2015 08:46 AM
hang up prank call at midnight, phone giving busy tone when trying to call back
John complain on phone 1300 364 976
Tuesday, March 10 2015 10:52 PM
I got the same text message from ero247 when I tried to close a popup on my iPhone. I called the number and, probably stupidly, gave them my phone number. Since they had already sent a text message they had it anyway. I immediately received another text saying I was unsubscribed. I'm awaiting a bill from Optus and will raise it with them if I have been charged anything. I certainly didn't subscribe and very unhappy that the iPhone 5s lacks the security to stop this from happening.
Ally complain on phone 02 9119 3725
Tuesday, March 10 2015 01:04 AM
Same as all the above^ This number just started calling me daily, have never answered and the caller leaves no message.
Christina Andrews complain on phone 02 6942 1138
Sunday, March 08 2015 10:32 PM
I received a phone call from an Asian claiming to represent your company. I do not owe money, nor is any owed to me. I refused to answer his personal questions
Please take me off your list.
Christina (Judy) Andrews
Joe Bloggs complain on phone 1300 135 319
Saturday, March 07 2015 07:11 PM
Have been receiving three messages at a time from this number and being charged $6.60 for each one! Dreadful!! We have no idea what it is for. If this happens to you, complain immediately to Telstra and the number itself. Shocking waste of money, might as well stand in the wind, rip up cash and let it blow away!
Chris Farr complain on phone 03 8319 0376
Thursday, March 05 2015 11:26 PM
Get a pair of calls each day. Varying times but always just 4 rings of the phone before they move on with the automatic dialler. No message ever left. Some form of tele marketing which I do not wish to participate in
Chris Farr complain on phone 04 2473 6218
Thursday, March 05 2015 11:23 PM
Get a pair of phone calls every day during the week, never on the weekend. Times vary but always 4 rings and never leave a message. Obviously an automated dialling service as always 4 rings only
haydn complain on phone 07 5441 9563
Thursday, March 05 2015 09:30 PM
unsolicited fax coming from this number to our business
heather tait complain on phone 07 3634 1946
Thursday, March 05 2015 08:53 PM
this number calls 3 -4 times a day its totally annoying and does not leave a message I will no answer numbers I don't know

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