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t WILLOUGHBY complain on phone 1800 678 289
Tuesday, February 10 2015 10:40 PM
says that they are from Telstra. they are not and then try and hack into your computer
alpha beth complain on phone 1300 780 668
Tuesday, February 10 2015 12:43 AM
getting billed for calls not made
Damian complain on phone 07 3107 1063
Tuesday, February 10 2015 12:38 AM
Who may this be keeps calling and never leaves messege omg
Susan Taylor complain on phone 1902 252 515
Monday, February 09 2015 08:55 PM
We are being billed from this number $50-$100 per month when no one is using this service. The last 5 calls were all made on a day when there was no one in our office as it was Christmas. Telstra bills us then says, they just send the bills. Our phone service provider is not Telstra.
Brayden complain on phone 03 8256 6799
Monday, February 09 2015 08:30 PM
continued calls from this number, really annoying keen to abuse
David complain on phone 1300 364 976
Monday, February 09 2015 03:12 PM
Yep I just got my Optus bill and I too have 2 charges for a subscription to this number that I never subscribed to. $18.18 in total. Going to call them and them for a please explain.

Will refer them to this website if they give me the run around.
Tony complain on phone 1300 364 976
Monday, February 09 2015 01:44 PM
I just received this message by text
"FreeMsg: Thank U for subscribing to ET1. Cost $10/week, 25c/msg sent until u SMS STOP to 19900012 Helpline 1300 364 976 Globway"
I did not give my number or consent to anyone so why do our Australian telecommunication companies allowing this to happen? I rang Telstra and they said they will refund me just this once. This is not good enough. Telstra shouldn't allow this to happen. This scam has been going on for years. The ACCC are useless!!!
Janina complain on phone 07 5347 0028
Monday, February 09 2015 12:43 AM
persistent nuisance calls from Yuoi insurance using multiple numbers - i am not amused and have threatened to go to the ombudsman...but not sure how to access them other numbers consist of
they are horrendous...i have told them many times i don't want there services
can you help?
Grant Lauterbach complain on phone 02 8570 3250
Sunday, February 08 2015 09:42 PM
They call us and hang up. When we try calling back it rings three times then hangs up.
Naomi complain on phone 04 2250 0484
Saturday, February 07 2015 05:20 PM
Have received abusive phone calls at 3am and again at 8.30-9am
They are making calls to our business threating to destroy/sink our business.
Sent them a message saying we were involving the police and it stopped... For a little while
People shouldn't be allowed to use phones/ mobile phones while under the influence!!!
Bru Step complain on phone 02 9007 0018
Saturday, February 07 2015 06:39 AM
This is a number that appeared on my mobile phone. When I call it there is a message that say"these is no call to monitor"
a k complain on phone 07 3606 0800
Friday, February 06 2015 03:14 PM
simply add to your 'block list' / 'block this caller' on mobile ph. only way to stop them.
Davinia complain on phone 02 4911 1400
Friday, February 06 2015 02:04 AM
Ombudsman where are you !!!! hheelllooo
Now they are saying they are from insurance line. A Indian sounding guy. What are they doping to achieve by calling, only waisting their own money !!!
Adrianne complain on phone 08 9455 6389
Friday, February 06 2015 12:36 AM
The number keeps ringing me every 30 minutes and there is nothing but beeping.
Tonya Girle complain on phone 07 3840 6343
Thursday, February 05 2015 09:13 PM
unsolicited calls but no ability to return call so suspect telemarketers
Michael Elliot complain on phone 03 8456 5228
Thursday, February 05 2015 04:32 AM
They keep calling me at work. This is unsolicited. Please have them stop
Frank Penn complain on phone 02 8005 4716
Wednesday, February 04 2015 11:52 PM
I received a call from "Telstra" saying that my internet connection was going to be interrupted tomorrow because I had downloaded some information/website. I asked for a tel. no. in order to check up on this and was given 0280054716. I called this no. and someone answered saying they were from Telstra, but the line was so bad I could not understand him. This must be some kind of spam, anyone else know anything about this please?
Jason complain on phone 03 9452 9527
Wednesday, February 04 2015 08:52 PM
We use on line quotation for car insurance, but we didn't even completed the quotation.

10 mins later.This phone Number 03 94529527 start rang us 20 times . we told them do not call . But doesn't help. non stop! annoying!
Pist orf complain on phone 07 3387 3381
Wednesday, February 04 2015 07:34 PM
We will not answer so stop calling
Peter Oelkers complain on phone 07 3112 4314
Tuesday, February 03 2015 10:00 PM
Phone call charged by Telstra 21 January 10:52PM also 2 other calls charged from 07131211. The residence was unoccupied as we were travelling from before Christmas only returning 2/2/15.

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