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theresa bugeja complain on phone 02 9199 4766
Thursday, January 15 2015 07:11 AM
I had a missed call from this number today and I called it back. A message for Global shop direct, and then a male person (Chris) asking me if I wanted to place an order at a discount price for any of their top 7 sellers. Looks like he is back as their aren't any complaints since last year. He told me not to ring Global Shop myself as I would not get the specials. Only he can give them to me.. haha Gut feeling... its a scam. His number does not come up for any reverse number sites.
George complain on phone 1300 132 495
Thursday, January 15 2015 02:00 AM
Likely that this number is your alarm dialing their office for a test.
Nick complain on phone 07 3146 0777
Wednesday, January 14 2015 09:30 PM
I keep getting missed calls from this number. It never leaves a voicemail. I called back and there's a voicemail saying it's a charity. It could be MakeAWish as I support them.
Mary complain on phone 1300 721 896
Wednesday, January 14 2015 08:16 PM
I do not know this number
I would never ring this number from my mobile
Why has it appeared on my phone?
Is it a "phone-bug" of some sort?

I am very interested to get an answer.

I hope you can assist?
Alison complain on phone 02 6768 4231
Wednesday, January 14 2015 04:28 PM
The call message says from your iPhone. You answer & no reply. The call happens again straight away.
Janeen Russell-Brown complain on phone 03 8554 6280
Wednesday, January 14 2015 07:58 AM
This number belongs to Smart health a telephone charity fund raising company ???. They say if you ring 03 8554 6100 and asked to be removed from the list then they will comply but looking at other comments I have seen they still continue calling. Maybe we should all flood the number with multiple calls and give them a taste of there own medicine. There should be a governing body of Charities that we can complain to as they are a damn nuisance. I will ring them again tomorrow and ask them to remove me from their list but I am not holding my breathe
Chantell complain on phone 08 9227 5099
Wednesday, January 14 2015 03:30 AM
I have tried calling this number back but they are always engaged. Sick of them calling me
John Andrews complain on phone 08 9100 4266
Tuesday, January 13 2015 09:48 PM
Sick of phone calls when on no call register.
Keo complain on phone 02 8961 5254
Tuesday, January 13 2015 07:45 PM
this person failed to did not identify themselves or the purpose of their call when repeatedly asked.
kacy complain on phone 386 640019
Tuesday, January 13 2015 02:50 AM
this number rang me in the morning and ring again an hour later. i rang back , it ring for a moment and then goes click, like a machine setting. I rang several time but no answer , same sound of clicking.
tracey davies complain on phone 08 1345 0729
Monday, January 12 2015 10:26 PM
I have also numerous calls on my Telstra account generally around 2$ a month? We have not made these calls
John F complain on phone 03 8588 4615
Monday, January 12 2015 08:41 PM
Useless phone number, keeps calling and doesnt leave message
Kelly McCue complain on phone 1800 764 884
Monday, January 12 2015 07:59 PM
I also called the phone number 1800 764884 today 13th January, 2015 because I was having trouble accessing my email. The number was on the help page for Yahoo ,, the Man I spoke to asked me for access to my computer desk top to help me ,, told me I had a hacker and took me to a site with payment options for internet protection. I refused and he added his name and number onto my desk top for me to contact him tomorrow!
1-800-757-069 toll free
jack Anderson
I am usually so careful!!!
Sharon complain on phone 07 3634 1946
Monday, January 12 2015 06:51 PM
Constant and persistent. Leave me alone3
Amuk complain on phone 04 1193 4000
Monday, January 12 2015 06:25 AM
I keep getting miscalls from this number and when I call back it says its disconnected
Steve complain on phone 08 9319 6685
Monday, January 12 2015 04:04 AM
Called Insight Mercantile apparently. Called 3x in a week and never left a message. Now they have a way of calling that doesnt stop ringing. I think this call has has rang for 15 mins... This is their site:
Beanbags complain on phone 1300 039 332
Sunday, January 11 2015 11:58 PM
Lots of reverse charged text to my daughters phone despite blocking it with a cost of $144 of texts charge to our account!
Tegan complain on phone 07 3137 5999
Sunday, January 11 2015 10:03 PM
I keep receiving a call from this number and when I call back the person is saying its Isabelle however want all my details but won't give me hers? I wonder if it has something to do with my ex partner trying to get information on where I am!
Bec complain on phone 02 8820 4849
Sunday, January 11 2015 09:38 PM
Someone called me at my new workplace (of 5 weeks) claiming to be looking for a friend of mine who I went to school with but have not seen for 15 off years, but not identifying who he was. (We are facebook friends)
He said I was listed as an 'associate' and he's trying to get in contact with her... Clearly stalking and quite scary how he has got my work details as both of our privacy settings are set to friends only. He left his first name and a phone number however when I contacted my friend we both tried to call back and they would not identify who had called nor what company they were.... BIZARRE!!!
Michael Buitran complain on phone 03 5198 7800
Sunday, January 11 2015 08:13 PM
Recieved a missed call at 12.09pm 12-01-2015 Tried to return the call and received the following message "Optus advises the number you have dialled has been disconnected 03REN29".

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