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Emma complain on phone 02 4027 2391
Wednesday, February 25 2015 08:05 PM
Tells me the phone number has been disconnected upon returning the call..
Emma complain on phone 03 9029 4012
Wednesday, February 25 2015 08:04 PM
When I call back it tells me the mailbox is full and call again later..
Emma complain on phone 02 9025 6710
Wednesday, February 25 2015 08:03 PM
Number is continuously busy.
Emsy complain on phone 02 8015 2270
Tuesday, February 24 2015 11:23 PM
They keep calling my phone! No one ever speaks but they hang up when I answer and it's silent. WHO ARE THEY!
Kate thomson complain on phone 1902 226 329
Tuesday, February 24 2015 07:48 PM
My phone bill shows that calls where made with the following numbers


I have no idea what theses numbers are for. Could you please provide me information so I can contact my telecommunications provider.
laurie complain on phone 07 5556 9840
Tuesday, February 24 2015 02:21 AM
I keep getting calls from this number. When I answer there is just silence. When I ring back it is always engaged. Bloody annoying is it a reverse charge scam?
dan complain on phone 07 5635 4628
Monday, February 23 2015 09:56 PM
phone at late hours and several ,also private numbers ..
when you call back answer
Ron complain on phone 03 1345 0773
Sunday, February 22 2015 03:19 AM
Have had several calls registered on my phone bill but I have not made these??
John mcqueen complain on phone 02 8202 5134
Saturday, February 21 2015 02:41 AM
Bogus number given today by an Indian telstra technician from 'their support department'. Apparently my computer is the latest in a long list causing problems to telstras network. Pity I'm not with Telstra. Note if you call this number you get a recorded message stating it is telstra's marketing area. Interesting! At least the person recording the answering machine had an English accent.
Chris Collingwood complain on phone 03 9850 0099
Friday, February 20 2015 11:42 PM
Got a call from these clowns, claim to represent Green (or maybe it was Clean) Solar. Asked for their address and was told they are based in Brisbane. When pressed for their proper address call was terminated. I am listed in the DNC register, and wanted the details so could lodge a claim.
neil complain on phone 1300 858 056
Friday, February 20 2015 09:10 AM
unwanted text messages possibly adult oriented,message asked if i wanted to recieve text msg from "ebony fli" no idea who this is,see also 19700003
Angel complain on phone 133 718
Friday, February 20 2015 06:51 AM
This number appears on my last dialed home numbers yet I called Telstra number 132200
Snuffles complain on phone 02 8076 7248
Friday, February 20 2015 12:28 AM
Have had two calls from them. Have since added them to my reject list.

They claim to be from some job seeking site, couldn't work out which one it was though. The guy on the phone mentioned courses...according to the other site where someone complained, it's a big scam because the on line course is around $20,000 which you don't find out until you get the email.
Craig Kearney complain on phone 07 3180 1528
Thursday, February 19 2015 10:07 PM
This number has been dialling my home number for a number of weeks now and just hangs up when I answer. It has just done it twice in the last 10 minutes today
Sandra Korres complain on phone 1300 369 666
Thursday, February 19 2015 09:48 PM
My husband got a text from this number today saying his Telstra account is overdue. All our Telstra accounts are up to date, and none of them for the amount requested. I hope we don't start getting calls from them.
Tamara complain on phone 07 3137 5999
Thursday, February 19 2015 08:09 PM
Very suspect, i also am getting calls from this Lachlan...but they won't tell me anything else, but expect me to give out all my personal details...not happening.
If you need to discuss something. Write to me.
Anthony complain on phone 04 7869 2080
Thursday, February 19 2015 07:56 PM
Persistent unknown buggers rang 3 times this week and three times last week - they love to ring on Thursdays and Fridays - must be slow days for them.

Calling pattern always the same - ring number times then hang up without leaving a voice message. Have now blocked their number.
Dale Wallwork complain on phone 02 7828 2017
Thursday, February 19 2015 03:23 AM
At 17:30 Qld time today I received a series of intimidating phone calls with threats of series violence and other threats.

The calls were made from Ettienne Swanepoel in Cape Town South Africa.
Brad complain on phone 03 5821 0932
Thursday, February 19 2015 01:37 AM
Not a talker, just a machine which said 'Goodbye" and hung up
debt collector complain on phone 04 2084 4152
Tuesday, February 17 2015 11:54 PM
Damn debt collector calling my exes registered number... a lady called dannielle wouldnt give out her company name

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